The Preferred Choice for Soffit, Fascia and Gutter Installation in Minneapolis – St Paul, MN

JB Custom Carpentry, Inc. has gained invaluable skill and knowledge of gutter and component replacement while serving the great community of St. Paul and Minneapolis over the last 30 years. The gutters, soffit, and fascia are all pieces of your roof’s puzzle and their value is just as important as the roof itself.

If your gutter system isn’t functioning properly, or even has a weak link present, there can be very costly and encompassing problems as a result of it. It is imperative that troubles be fixed immediately so that you don’t have any unnecessary consequences from unruly gutter systems.


Gutters are designed to basically provide a barrier between your roof and foundation. They are also used as a protectant from inclement weather situations. In areas of excessive rain or snow, expertly-installed gutters can save your home from water damage. If gutters become clogged or malfunctioning (such as leaking or pulling away from the home) then there can be extensive damage to other roof parts and even the internal areas of your home.

If you are suffering from problems relating to your gutter system, it is vital that you call a professional that has the essential skills required to replace your gutters in a way that will have you resting easy and worrying about what matters.


Soffit is a part of the gutter system, arguably one of the most important aspects, that assists in functions such as air circulation and keeping moisture away from the house. These are extremely important roles in the whole roof and gutter structure.

If your home is in need of new soffit or you would like to have it inspected for durability, call the soffit experts at JB Custom Carpentry, Inc.! We will be happy to complete a thorough examination of your soffit to ensure it has an effective and prolonged life.


The role of fascia is to be the layer between the outdoors and the roof’s edge. This board prohibits the whole roof from being subjected to water damage from weather. Although older homes will frequently lack a fascia board, it is necessary to include this component in your roofing system. A sound fascia board will work to keep your roof and home in superior condition and to protect your roof and home. If your fascia, at any time, starts to show signs of wear- either by rotting or other damage- it’s important to call a qualified professional to get it back in top-notch shape.

Call JB Custom Carpentry, Inc. today at 651-755-8519 to set up an appointment to inspect your gutters, soffit, and fascia. We will complete any new installation timely and efficiently at the most competitive cost.